Penis Thickening

What is Penis Thickening?

Penile Enlargment

Understanding Penis Enlargement: Increasing Penis Size with Surgery

Penis enlargement, a surgical treatment option, involves a variety of medical techniques aimed at increasing penis size. Typically categorized as a type of cosmetic surgery, it can be divided into different procedures. These procedures include penis lengthening, designed to increase length, and penis enlargement surgery, which focuses on increasing girth. These surgeries are performed by skilled doctors to increase penis size, ultimately restoring a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

Girth Enlargement (Thickening)
During the penis enlargement surgery process, our urologists use dermal replacement materials, specifically Braun’s Lyoplant Xenograft, to achieve girth expansion. This technique is used to expand the erectile cylinders under the skin, providing a consistent increase in diameter throughout the entire shaft, including deep into the intra-groin area tissues.

Penis Extension: A Surgical Approach
Penis lengthening procedures have gained popularity in recent years. Surgical penis lengthening primarily involves dividing the suspensory ligament, a tough fibrous band attached to the pubic bone. When this ligament is released from its attachments to the pubic bone, it allows the penis to extend forward and hang lower.

Basic Elements of Penis Extension Surgery:

1. Penile Ligament Removal:
This surgical procedure is designed to reveal the hidden length of the flaccid penis. By carefully dividing the suspensory ligament, the penis gains additional length, providing both functional and cosmetic benefits.

2. Scrotoplasty:
Scrotoplasty focuses on the scrotum, specifically addressing loose skin. During this operation, excess skin is removed and a tighter and more comfortable genital area is obtained. Many patients report that their penis appears longer after the loose skin of the scrotum is eliminated.

3. Removing Groin Fat Pad:

Removal of the supra-pubic fat pad contributes to the visual effect of an elongated penis. This is achieved by reducing the fat pad, leaving the genitals more exposed than before the procedure.

These surgical interventions offer significant benefits, both functional and aesthetic, by improving the general appearance of the patients’ genital area and increasing the length of the penis. Such an operation can increase the individual’s self-confidence, improve their sexual life and make positive contributions to their overall quality of life. However, to determine whether this type of surgical intervention is appropriate for each individual and to ensure the safety of the intervention, it is extremely important to have a thorough discussion with a qualified healthcare professional to obtain detailed information about the potential risks, expected results and recovery process. Like any surgical procedure, penile enlargement operations must be customized to individual needs and circumstances, so before making this decision, patients are recommended to carefully evaluate their situation, expectations and health status and seek guidance from an experienced specialist in this process.


Here's Frequently Asked Questions About Penis Thickening

Why Do We Recommend Dermal Graft Surgery Instead of Other Methods?
  • Many internet advertisements promote supplements and pills, but these are often ineffective. The only reliable way to enlarge the penis is surgical methods.
  • While a variety of surgical approaches are available for penis enlargement, silicone augmentation (PENUMA) and Hyaluronic acid filler are popular due to their familiarity and affordability.
  • Silicone augmentation (PENUMA), although effective in increasing thickness, can cause an unnatural feel and appearance, making it conspicuous.
  • Hyaluronic acid filler gives positive results initially, but can lead to unexpected changes in the shape of the penis within a few weeks.
  • As a result, many people who have previously undergone these procedures apply to our clinic for re-operation to achieve greater confidence in both shape and thickness.
  • In summary, Dermal graft surgery offers a natural, permanent and durable solution to increase penis thickness.

Both penis enlargement procedures (lengthening and enlargement) generally carry low risks, including common surgical risks such as infection and bleeding. They generally do not interfere with function, sensation, erection or urination. – Rarely, retraction may occur due to normal scar contraction. Post-surgical scar stretching exercises are crucial to properly manage this risk. Failure to perform these exercises correctly may result in permanent loss of some or all of the extra length gained during surgery.

  • Our Penis Enlargement service, often referred to as “Natural Penis Enlargement”, is a comprehensive one-day service package of 50 minutes. It combines penis enlargement, lengthening, liposuction, and VY plastic surgery into one procedure, requiring only one visit and usually completed within one day.
  • This innovative procedure, known as Natural Penis Enlargement, utilizes the technical expertise of our urologists, honed through countless clinical experiences.
  • Urinate while sitting to avoid contact with the gauze.
  • If the incision was closed with Dermabond, 3 days following surgery. You can take a shower from day one.
  • If the incision is stitched, showering is allowed on the date the stitch is removed (14th day after surgery).
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable underwear.
  • Change the gauze 1-2 times a day, if contamination occurs, replace immediately. Prioritize hand cleaning before gauze sterilization and change.
  • Drinking, sexual activities, sauna and exercise are allowed one month after surgery.
  • Avoid smoking for two weeks after surgery.
  • Continue wearing the gauze for a month to maintain the shape and reduce swelling.
  • Adequate sleep and good physical condition contribute to optimal results and rapid recovery.
  • Be careful to avoid physical trauma and stress.
  • Applying antibiotic ointment helps incision areas heal quickly.
  • Yes, you can choose the shape and size you prefer. Although customization is possible, security considerations impose limitations. Penis size and shape vary between individuals, so the extent of expansion depends on the patient’s unique anatomy.
  • Typically, penis length may increase by 2.5 to 5 cm in the flaccid state, while it remains unchanged in the erect state. Width can typically increase by approximately 3 cm in both flaccid and erect states.

Penis Enlargement Without Surgery (SafeFill)

Discover the Patented SafeFill™ Penile Girth Enhancement Technique

SafeFill™ offers an innovative and proven approach to non-surgical penis girth improvement through a proprietary patented procedure. The result is a functional and aesthetically pleasing enhancement with lasting effects. This patented technique prioritizes safety and efficiency.

Our SafeFill™ providers are board-certified urologists and plastic surgeons with extensive training and provide safe, predictable and successful results. Trust only certified SafeFill™ providers to perform this patented in-office penis girth enhancement procedure.
*SafeFill is only available for patients 21 years of age and older.

Witness the Change: SafeFill™

SafeFill™ uses a dermal filler similar to those used for tissue enhancement in the face, neck or other areas.
The SafeFill™ technique stands out with its precise material distribution and special adaptation to the penis area.
A series of simple, office-based injections can address nearly any desired penis girth. These injections are administered under local anesthesia, allowing patients to immediately resume work without restriction.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Many factors can influence penis size perception, and clinical evaluations may not always provide completely accurate data due to differences in measurement standards and penis hardness. Based on a comprehensive meta-analysis of over three decades of clinical studies, it is important to establish realistic expectations:
1. Flaccid Penis Length : The length of a flaccid penis can vary significantly, with the average being about 9cm.
2. Erection Penis Length: On average, the length of an erect penis is about 14 cm. In particular, only one in every 30 men has a height exceeding 18 cm.
3. Erect Penis Circumference: The average circumference of an erect penis is approximately 13 cm. Variations around this average are relatively limited.
Despite this knowledge, it is common for men and their partners to want more in terms of size. Regarding penis length, there are limited options available to enhance one’s natural anatomy. The only way to reveal additional length is to remove excess fat from the mons area on the penis. This can be achieved through liposuction, cold sculpting, or surgical removal of sagging tissue. Interestingly, losing weight can produce a similar visual effect.

Some centers report positive results with “free fat transfer” surgery, but concerns include potential granulomatous changes in the transferred fat and significant fat loss over time. Dermal fat grafts from various body parts have also been investigated, but postoperative recovery and complications such as penis shortening and infections are potential concerns.
Some “experimental” treatments, such as silicone or paraffin wax injections, are often performed by uncertified practitioners. Ultimately, addressing penile girth is a personal choice that individuals should consider carefully.


Here's Frequently Asked Questions About SafeFill Procedure

What is the SafeFill procedure?
  • The SafeFill™ patented technique is inspired by similar texture enhancement methods used in sensitive areas such as lips, face, neck and more. What sets SafeFill™ apart is its unique approach to material distribution and precision in adapting to the penis area.
    With over eight years of meticulous clinical examination, our expert surgeons have perfected the technique of enhancing penis girth using Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. Now, a series of simple, office-based injections can address nearly any desired penis girth. These injections are conveniently administered under local anesthesia, allowing patients to immediately resume their daily routines without restrictions. In our clinical studies, a significant majority of patients were able to resume sexual activity after only 72 hours.

Men worldwide are increasingly interested in achieving greater penis girth. The SafeFill™ penis girth enlargement technique is designed to appeal to those who are looking for that extra enhancement or who may experience a minor concern regarding their overall penis size. However, men need to have realistic expectations.
Our goal is to help those who want to increase their penis girth while also appealing to the desires of their partners who may want the same thing. SafeFill™ is a safe and effective solution that can improve not only penis girth, but also confidence and satisfaction.

Getting the Environment You Want with SafeFill™
The potential to increase penile girth with the SafeFill™ penis girth enhancement technique is virtually unlimited and compatible with each patient’s unique desires. The key to a successful outcome lies in open and honest discussions between the patient and their experienced urologist.
By adhering to a carefully structured treatment protocol that includes gradual injections, patients can gradually work to achieve their desired length. This process offers flexibility and allows individuals to continue treatments until they reach their ideal environment.
It is very important to know that any potential asymmetries, if any, will be handled meticulously. Shaping and shaping the penis forms an integral part of the staging process. Your dedicated urologist is available to explain contouring and modeling procedures, ensuring you are fully informed and comfortable with the process.

Understanding Dermal Filler
Regarding dermal filler procedures, disintegration and local migration are issues that can occur with almost any filler application. It is not uncommon to observe a decrease of approximately 10% in initial gains within the first month after the procedure. This is primarily due to the dissipation of the local anesthesia and the natural resolution of any inflammation resulting from the injection procedure.
However, it is important to note that further loss is minimal and the latest clinical data strongly supports impressive retention rates. Four-year retention rates were reported to be approximately 90%, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2018 by Elise and colleagues.

Your Path to Complete Healing with SafeFill™
It is worth noting that all patients who diligently followed the recommended post-procedure protocol achieved a full and successful recovery. Ensuring your well-being and satisfaction is of great importance.
Before beginning your journey to improve penile girth using the SafeFill™ Technique, it is crucial that each patient thoroughly reads the enclosed consent form and discusses it with his or her physician. This process ensures you are fully informed and comfortable with the procedure, promoting a sense of trust and confidence throughout your development experience.

Achieving the Look You Desire with SafeFill™
When you work with your talented urologist, the possibilities of achieving the penis appearance you desire are vast. The primary goal is to enhance the environment without unnatural or noticeable changes.
SafeFill™ stands out due to its biophysical properties that closely resemble the normal soft tissues of the penis. This feature ensures the results look natural and are compatible with your unique anatomy.
Your urologist will work with you to define and achieve your goals, promoting confidence and satisfaction throughout the process.

Understanding the Impact of Penis Size and Expecting Increased Satisfaction with SafeFill™
Before starting treatment with the SafeFill™ penis girth enhancement technique, it is crucial to recognize that extensive research has consistently shown that penis size does not significantly affect partner satisfaction during sexual intercourse. It is important to recognize that social norms and perceptions on this issue may be changing.
In our commitment to continuous improvement, we are actively reviewing changes in patient satisfaction following the SafeFill™ procedure. We expect a significant increase in satisfaction levels for both the patient and their partners. This ongoing research reflects our commitment to improving overall sexual experiences and well-being.

Exploring Alternative Approaches to Penile Girth Enhancement
It is very important to approach penis girth enhancement from a selective perspective, considering the effectiveness and safety of various methods. Here’s a closer look at some options:
1. Silicone Implants (Penuma) and Pills: These approaches often fail to provide meaningful penile girth improvement. Our surgeons have not yet been able to identify significant clinical references or studies supporting the use of the pill for this purpose. Additionally, a single-center study examining silicone grafts to increase penile girth had limited enrollment and needed greater statistical significance.
2. Surgically Implanted Devices: Our experience with surgically implanted devices has demonstrated challenges, including poor anatomical results and issues with the mesh used for device anchorage.
3. Vacuum Erection Devices (VED): Literature on vacuum pumps shows modest increases in both length and girth. Importantly, the use of VED does not preclude the simultaneous use of SafeFill™ and the SafeFill™ penile girth enhancement technique.
When considering penile girth enhancement, it is crucial to make informed choices and prioritize procedures that are clinically validated and proven to provide satisfactory results.

Treatment Procedure

The Penis Thickening treatment process involves several important steps to achieve a successful outcome. Here is a detailed summary of the treatment procedure:


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