Lip Augmentation

What is
Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing the shape and size of the lips. This procedure uses natural filling substances or synthetic materials from the body.

Lip augmentation can be performed quickly and with minimal discomfort, allowing the desired shape and size to be easily achieved.


How is Lip Augmentation Performed?

  1. Cleaning: The patient’s lips and surrounding area are cleaned before the procedure.

  2. Anesthesia: Local or general anesthesia may be applied depending on the patient’s needs.

  3. Injection: The filling substance is injected into specific areas of the lips.

  4. Modeling: After the injection, the lips are shaped to achieve the desired form.

  5. Completion: After the procedure, the lips may be covered with a bandage or light dressing.

The lip augmentation procedure usually takes 15-60 minutes. After the procedure, swelling, bruising, or sensitivity in the lips may occur, which  is normal and which will subside in a short time.

Advantages of Lip Augmentation

  • Quick Results: Results are immediately visible after the procedure.

  • Affordable: Generally more economical compared to other cosmetic procedures.

  • Easily Adjustable: The desired shape and size can be easily achieved.

  • Minimal Numbness: Usually, only a slight numbness is felt.

  • Natural Appearance: Provides a natural lip appearance.

Disadvantages of Lip Augmentation

  • Pain: There may be mild pain after the procedure.

  • Risk of Infection: There is a risk of infection.

  • Swelling and Redness: Temporary swelling and redness of the lips may occur.

  • Uneven Appearance: If not done properly, asymmetry may occur in the lips.

  • Temporary Results: The effects of the filling materials are temporary as they are absorbed by the body over time.

The risks and disadvantages associated with lip augmentation are rare. Our expert doctors inform patients about potential risks before the operation. Working with a good healthcare team can minimize these risks.

Where Can I Get Lip Augmentation?

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Why Health Agents Turkey?

  • Expert Doctors: We have a high success rate with our experienced and expert doctors.

  • Modern Technology: We provide services in facilities equipped with the latest medical innovations and modern technology.

  • Patient Satisfaction: The satisfaction and health of our patients are always our priority.

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Here's Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Augmentation

What is lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the fullness and shape of the lips. It can be performed using dermal fillers, fat transfer, or implants.

What are the advantages of lip augmentation?

The advantages of lip augmentation include enhanced lip volume, improved lip shape and symmetry, a more youthful appearance, and increased confidence in your smile.

Will I feel any pain during the procedure?

During the procedure, a local anesthetic is usually applied to minimize discomfort. Patients typically experience minimal pain, and any post-procedural discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

How long does a lip augmentation procedure take?

A typical lip augmentation procedure takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the method used and the desired results.

How long do the results of lip augmentation last?

The longevity of the results depends on the type of filler used. Hyaluronic acid fillers usually last 6-12 months, while fat transfer results can be longer-lasting, and implants can offer permanent results.

What should I do after the treatment?

After the treatment, it is important to follow your doctor’s post-care instructions. This usually includes avoiding strenuous activity for 24-48 hours, keeping the lips clean, and avoiding excessive sun exposure.

Does lip augmentation provide natural-looking results?

Yes, modern lip augmentation techniques and materials are designed to provide natural-looking results. A skilled practitioner can enhance your lips while maintaining their natural appearance.

How is lip augmentation different from other cosmetic procedures?

Lip augmentation specifically targets the lips to increase their volume and improve their shape. Other cosmetic procedures may focus on different areas of the face or body and serve different aesthetic goals.

Who is a good candidate for lip augmentation?

Good candidates for lip augmentation are individuals who are in good health, have realistic expectations, and are looking to enhance the appearance of their lips.

What is the cost of lip augmentation?

The cost varies depending on the type of filler used.

To clarify your treatment process and costs, we offer a free consultation service. You can get detailed information by filling out the form below or by contacting us directly.

Treatment Procedure

The Lip Augmentation treatment process involves several important steps to achieve a successful outcome. Here is a detailed summary of the treatment procedure:


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