Message from the President

According to the constitution published by the World Health Organization in 1946, the right to health is one of the fundamental rights of every individual, aiming to reach the highest possible health standard, regardless of race, religion, political belief, economic and social status.

As a Neurologist, throughout my 20-year career in Turkey, I believed that accessible and quality healthcare is the right of every individual and I served my patients within this framework.
As Health Agents, we aim to ensure that patients, wherever they are in the world, have access to quality and economically accessible health services, where they are diagnosed quickly and accurately and where they receive the necessary treatment.

While providing access to health services, we consider it our duty to ensure that quality service is provided regardless of race, language, religion, gender and in accordance with basic ethical values.


We are committed to patients’ right to receive reliable and satisfactory information about their health from the healthcare institution they receive service from, and we also guarantee the protection of their personal information.

The healthcare institutions we cooperate with must meet scientific and medical requirements and have qualified healthcare personnel, scientifically approved medicines and hospital equipment. As Health Agencies, we work with health institutions that have been inspected by the Turkish Ministry of Health and received a Health Tourism Authorization Certificate.

The right to health is the most fundamental of our human values, and within the framework of our respect for this value, we evaluate your feedback to constantly improve and maintain the quality of our services. Your requests are an opportunity for further improvement.

I wish you all healthy days.

Dr. Binnur ÖZKAR


Health Agents Group President