How is a Breast Implant Performed?

Breast implants are medical devices placed under the breast tissue to increase, shape or reconstruct breast size. It can be used for aesthetic purposes or for reconstructive purposes after mastectomy (removal of the breast).

Here you go breast implant phases of the operation:

Breast Implant Operation Stages

  1. Consultation and Planning:
    • Doctor Selection: The first step is to choose an experienced plastic surgeon.
    • First Consultation: During the consultation with your doctor, your expectations, health history and current health status will be evaluated. The doctor will examine your breast structure and make recommendations about the most suitable implant type and size for you.
    • Treatment Plan A treatment plan is created in line with your expectations. Information is given about the method of implant placement and surgical techniques.
  2. Surgical Preparation:
    • Health Checks: Necessary health checks are performed before surgery.
    • Date of surgery: The date of surgery is set and pre-operative instructions (for example, not to take certain medications or not to smoke) are given.
  3. Surgery:
    • Anesthesia: It is usually performed under general anesthesia, meaning you are completely asleep during the operation.
    • Making the Incisions: Incisions are made to place the implants. The location of the incisions is determined by your surgeon and can usually be one of the following
      • Inframammary fold (inframammary)
      • Nipple circumference (periareolar)
      • Armpit (transaxillary)
    • Implant Placement: Implants can be placed under the muscle (submuscular) or under the breast tissue (subglandular).
    • Closure of Incisions: The incisions are closed with sutures and the surgical site is bandaged.
  4. Postoperative:
    • Recovery: You will need to rest and avoid heavy physical activity for the first few days.
    • Check-ups Your surgeon will perform regular check-ups to monitor the healing process. Stitches are usually removed within a week or self- dissolving stitches can be used.
    • Pain and Swelling: Postoperative pain and swelling are normal. Your doctor may prescribe medicines to manage these symptoms.
    • Supportive Bra: You may be asked to wear a special supportive bra.
  5. Full Recovery and Outcomes:
    • Seeing Results: Full recovery may take several weeks. After the initial swelling subsides, the breast shape and size will become more pronounced.
    • Regular Check-ups: Regular check-ups and mammograms are important for long-term results.

Breast implant surgery is a serious decision and it is important to consult with an expert plastic surgeon, get accurate information and make the best decision for your personal situation.

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